Brazil sugar

Sugar production in Brazil has been consistently high for many decades, and has gone from strength to strength. Though production briefly faltered in the early 2000’s, Brazilian sugar production has bounced back, and in the in the 2006/2007 period it easily broke the 30 million ton mark. If you have ever eaten regular sugar, chances are you have had sugar from Brazil. Brazil actually exports 20% of the world sugar and more and more companies and manufacturers in the US are learning the benefits of sugar from Brazil are are using Brazilian sugar for their products. Surprisingly, only about 50 percent of Brazilian Sugar cane crop is refined into sugar with the rest being held for an ethanol production, representing 40 percent of all non-diesel fuel consumption. With these numbers n mind, Brazil could easily double its sugar production and floods the market with cheap sugar. CaneSugar is a website that deals with all types of information regarding sugarcane. The website give you details of how Cane Sugar is processed and how it is grown. It also talks about the popularity of cane sugar over beet sugar.