Acne treatment

Acne treatment is no child’s play. It requires tremendous attention and a good amount of supervision. Mild acne scars can be treated with natural, herbal products which are easily accessible. We can cure those acnes sitting at home. Sandalwood is very effective in healing acnes.
Mix a certain amount of sandalwood powder or paste with a few drops of rosewater and apply it on the affected place and go to sleep. Let it work overnight see how it works wonders when you open your eyes in the morning. You should rub an ice cube on the spot to tighten the pores. Among green veggies tomato does magic. Cut one into two halves and smear them onto your face, it will work. Cucumber as a toner, raw garlic, turmeric as blemish removers also functions well. Sage, aloe vera, apple cider vinegar also clears out spots from your face.
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