In this era of mobile phones, everyone wants something new or some extra features in their mobile phones so that it can be distinguished from others in terms of quality and looks. The XPERIA X1 from Sony Ericsson is the mobile phone with its multi-functional features that provides something more than a common handset. It has a 3-inch clear wide VGA display, media player and 3.2 mega-pixel camera built in a metal-finish and slider-design body, the XPERIA X1 offers multiple navigation options from touch screen interaction to a 4-way key, full wide-pitch QWERTY keyboard or optical joystick with flawless switching secured between input modes. The dimensions of the mobile phone are 110 x 53 x 16.7 mm, and it weights 145g. The device also includes Windows Mobile® capabilities and as a personal media player it supports video streaming to the 800 X 480 pixel VGA screen, Bluetooth™ stereo (A2DP) and FM radio. The camera of the mobile is also superior in quality. This 3.2 megapixel camera also features auto focus and video recording and onboard memory is up to 400 MB with a MicroSD ™ memory card slot to back it up. With its great features it is sure to serve the needs of the users.