Sony Ericsson launches 2 Walkman phones, iPhone rival

Monopoly does not exist.With Sony Ericsson launching two new music phones in its popular Walkman range and two new camera phones in Berlin,it will prove a rival to the iPhone .

The W960 Walkman is aimed at the top end of the market where it will compete with products such as Apple’s much-hyped iPhone. It has a touch screen, built-in WiFi wireless access and enough memory to store up to 8,000 tunes.

The W910 Walkman slider phone has an innovative control mechanism that allows users to shuffle through their music collection by shaking the phone.

The K850 has a 5-megapixel camera, which makes it higher resolution than some standalone digital cameras, and will sell under the Cyber-shot brand, while the Z320 is a simpler camera phone.

All four models will be on sale in the second half of this year worldwide, in plenty of time for the crucial Christmas shopping season.

Sony Ericsson declined to give any sales forecasts for its new models. “Our expectation is to sell as many as we can,” Sony Ericsson marketing chief Dee Dutta told Reuters by phone.

It’s good that people will not have to depend on the iphone alone since the new talk of the town has already arrived.Kudos to Sony Ericsson.