Sony Ericsson g700

Communicating with friends and family has never been easier. It is just a simple touch away with the Sony Ericsson G700. The phone has a large touch screen and a one-touch user panel. The Sony Ericsson G700 can be described as a phone with one-touch full organizer functions. It is the users’ personal organizer. The intuitive calendar of the phone will help you in planning the users’ days perfectly well. Consumers can easily access to the email using the high speed internet installed in the phone. The feature of handwriting recognition is the very interesting and makes this smartphone very unique.G700 is a very user friendly phone and comes with a 3.0 mega pixels camera. Though it does not have auto focus, the phone is offered with image and video stabilization. The phone measures 106 x 49 x 13 mm and the weight is only 99 grams. A relatively compact smartphone, it has stereo Bluetooth and an M2 memory card slot. With the integrated 3.0 mega pixels camera, the users can capture video action and those unexpected memorable moments. The alarm clock with radio has proved to be really interesting among all these features. If there us any necessity to wake up or catch a meeting then users can set the time and let the favorite FM station play or the users are being reminded by the set alarm signal. The phone is designed in a very fashionable manner, and Sony Ericsson has made a nice try in making more affordable and intuitive smartphones for the consumers.