Samsung Ultra Smart F700

Another new competitor of iphone is in the market and also if Nokia has kicked so much dust in Barcelona, could Samsung be far behind? With its newest handset Ultra Smart F700, the Korean giant has joined Apple and its arch-rival LG into the club of touchscreen mobile phones manufacturers.

It is Samsung’s first compatible phone with 3G (third generation) WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access) in addition to GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications). It also works with HSDPA and EDGE data transmission systems on 3G networks and can receive data at up to 7.2Mbps (bits per second).


The phone features a 2.8-inch 440×240 screen to control calling, Internet access, and music functions. Media playback support includes multiple AAC audio formats, Real, and variants of MPEG-4 including H.264.

It also includes VibeTonz, a vibration system introduced in the recent W559 that simulates tactile feedback to touchscreen presses. And unlike Apple’s iPhone, where typing on a small screen with your thumbs can leave you sore, F700 includes a slide-out keyboard to accommodate typing.

And that is not all! The phone has a 5-megapixel camera with auto-focus has made it superior than iPhone’s meager 2-megapixel offer. But of course, it has a microSD slot that will help expand the memory required for storing the humongous 5 MP photos, and music.It seems that the iPhone will be in trouble with the Samsung’s latest addition of the smarter,the better.