Samsung F110 Micoach

People without mobiles hardly exist today. The alarming decrease of mobile prices every other day adds to this. Mobile phone is the most common accessory and the manufacturers take it as a change to make and innovate new mobiles with as many as features possible. The customers go for the extremely stylish and which is advanced technologically for meeting their requirements. Mobile phones should be comfortable enough so that they can be carried from one place to another. The mobile manufacturers have been trying their best to meet with the needs of their respective consumers.

Mobiles should be handy and one such mobile which has been loved by many in recent times Samsung F110 Micoach. This latest from the house of Samsung is a personal trainer. It is unbelievable but true that this mobile will help you to be in shape with its exclusive workout application. There is a foot pod and heart monitor, which will help you in analyzing your workouts and creating your own plan for working out. This stylish phone has MP3 player, 2MP camera, EDGE, GPRS, FM Radio, and a massive 1GB of embedded memory. This 80 grams wonder has the dimension of 101.5(H) x 45(W) x 14.5(D) mm. Samsung F110 Micoach is not just a phone, it can be called a personal trainer. Customers will soon enjoy their personal training or phoning or both.