Nokia is the best

With new features being added every second in mobiles phones, the latest is that mobile using a particular phone can actually download music and also play games. Now playing games on mobiles is as common as mangoes in summer, but the feature of download music is something really commendable. The largest mobile making company of the world, Nokia has done this. This will be a challenge thrown to the higher-end iPhone as well as iTunes and the iPof Apple. This will eventually give Nokia to hold a stronger position in the market. As many as 6000 songs can be stored in the latest services provided by Nokia. This unique and intelligent service will help Nokia in creating a greater service. This was particularly done after the realization that there is a requirement of photo handsets, facilities of music and video with easy and quick access to internet.

This launch of new gadgets and other services will help to make a strong hold in the market. The other new gadgets include headphones, speakers and docking stations. With this launching of new gadgets and services, customers will be able to transfer music from computers to devices of Nokia. This will also help in playing games and also downloading them. Nokia has bought a leading digital media provider distribution services Loudeye Corporation which will help in improving and expanding offering of digital music. The unveiling of the new gadgets and hi-end services will be done soon. With Nokia, working with gadgets will become easier.