Nokia 95

The modern life thrives on N95.

On reading several reviews on the 95 I would like to say that i am a Nokia-man since inception, but moved to Samsung with my last 4 phones.

Since I use wi-fi at home,i wanted an all-rounder phone,that would work and every other thing, except 3g; plus wanted to get on the net and email and have an all-in-one all rounder phone.

The N95 seemed to be a good pick, but it took a while to get used to. It is not that difficult, it is feature packed.


A techie that i am, with Apples and Pods (speaks volumes about the Jobs range, ain’t it?) and every gizmo – noted that everything worked like clockwork orange – well almost.

There is no hang-up,the response is quick and can be easily functioned.

There has to be hicups – in every phone. I have not found anything perfect in the www (whole wide world) including cars, TV’s and black and white gadgetry.

In fact i would like to customise my ideal phone, but whom should I contact? And why should I do so? Or should I go to the drawing board and design one myself?

Okay, here are the fiddly niggles.

(1) The keypad buttons are tiny which becomes a major problem.

(2) The back-space key is so close to the cancel key that if I write a long text i often end up pressing the cancel. Nokia should have got this blood red cancel button sorted out a long time ago. Baby stuff. Even a novice trainee in their R & D team should have identified this proximity, betwixt the back-space and cancel button. Can giants be dumbs? The dino was huge; but din’t have much of a smart brain, so scientists say and claim that they have proved it. We were not there in the dino ages, but we are in the Nokia age, so we can have our own personal assessment and judgment.

(3) Everything is in steps. Access should have been in one flow, a la the lower end Nokias and Samsung n a couple of others.

(4) The camera button is fickle. One ends up pressing extra hard, or too soft. the pictures do not have clarity and hence no so great photo results. To say the least, horrible results in average light conditions. Ok in Bright sunshine or subdued studio light settings. Poor in all other conditions. Cameras should not be in phones, and bluff innocent folks with talks of a 5 megs, when is does not do any good to have that much resolution, when the lens in small; and the cameras aperture range and other settings are not even suitable for entry level cameras. The flash works like a pooh. It is hit and miss. Sometimes okay, most of the times bad. Phew! And touted as a great 5-mega cameras. Better buy a cheap phone, and a regular camera, if camera is what you are fascinated about, friends.
(Probably because I use DSLRs, I don’t even regard the 5 megs and the camera feature of this camera.) Yeah , photo quality is poor, compared to competition.

(5) HORRIBLE FM sound quality, until I changed the headphones. (6) Equally bad Audio quality, but the high-end h-phones did the trick. (My son’s 5700 does better music).

( 7) Horrible talk time, need to charge every day, if one uses music. I have a spare battery. Carry your charger, especially if you are a music buff. Or intend to watch videos, et el.

Don’t know why great big names cannot come up with that 99.9 percent almost perfect phone. Would like to talk to Nokia on how a user wants his / her phone. Probably they should contact MouthShut to get my email address, or address the issues mentioned above.

Over all, quite a good phone, but don’t expect the world.

Looks nice, and feels good in the hand for a businessman, yet not an absolute eye catching unit.

Over all, a good phone, yet with a a couple of niggles. Hope Nokia reads this review and comes up with a N2010 version. Meaning, bring in something futuristic, yet near to perfect.

For those who think this review sounds negative, nay, it is not. N95 is a good phone. Take comfort that humans have not yet been able to clone themselves….and if and when (which probably will never happen) they achieve that, they will have (or never have) a perfect hand phone for the user.

Even the Apple’s iPhone is a damper.

Well, for those who want the better earthly thing presently available, do go in for the N95.

I am averagely happy with the N95. It is an OKAY phone!!!

Looking forward towards an improvised version of the N95 and expecting even better models from Nokia.