Nokia 6600 Slide

Nokia 6600 slide mobile phone can be described as a phone which is compact designed well-proportionately with smooth surfaces and with exclusive materials. The coolest thing about this phone is the feature of accelerometer which will help in bringing up any message alerts and also the time with a simple knock-knock on the screen with the finger. And in the similar fashion, users can reject the calls they don’t want to take and indicate snooze, alerts and silences. This slide is one of the smallest sliders form the house of Nokia till date. Nokia 6600 slide is glossy, opens smoothly, and has high quality steel covers. The aluminium center key adds simply to the beauty of the slider. It has an integrated 3.2 mega pixel camera which can capture high-quality photos and videos. The 2.2 in OLED display is there for showing off the snaps and offers some 16 million colors. These captured photos and videos can be shared through the services of internet and through multimedia message with others. The Nokia Maps is preloaded inside the phone and gives the option for buying a Nokia Bluetooth GPS Module together with navigation license for turning the slide into a proper sat-nav. The music player of the Nokia 6600 slide is quite impressive and has an integrated FM radio. The 512MB microSD card is what the users will get with the handset. Users can be in contact with SMS, MMS, email and Nokia Xpress. With the Nokia Maps application which comes with the Nokia 6600 slide, the consumers can easily find out the way around the city.