Motorola V220 Special Edition

Now diamonds in mobile.SUPER-RICH Christmas shoppers are being offered the chance to snap up a mobile phone — for £28,000.


Studded with 1,200 diamonds and features a keyboard inlaid with 18 carat gold,this hand-crafted Motorola is created by Austrian designer Peter Aloisson.

It is being touted as the perfect festive gift idea for a millionaire who can’t think what to buy his loved one.

The price tag is a world record for a mobile — easily beating the previous highest price of £23,000 for another of Peter’s phones crammed with a mere 950 diamonds.

Incredibly he sold seven of those to punters including an Italian soccer star and a Saudi prince.

Peter said yesterday: “The people who buy my phones don’t have to worry about security — they all have bodyguards.

The Italian soccer star paid cash, which he delivered in his red Ferrari Testarossa. The Saudi prince bought one for his wife when she fell in love with it after seeing a picture in a magazine.”there cannot be anything more better than this diamond studded gift.