Meridiist mobile phone

Mobile companies are trying their best to increase their sale by offering various set of applications every time. Today customers go thoroughly with the specifications of the mobile phones because of the multi-featured activities that they want. The Meridiist, a dual screen mobile handset is indeed an innovative technology. This mobile handset is Tag Heuer’s first venture into the handset market. This handset with its high-grade steel casings, unscratchable dual crystal displays and nearly a month of standby time really looks classy. Spec-wise, the Meridiist will pack a humungous 28 days of standby battery time, or 7 hours talk time. Take your time being impressed by that, because that’s about all there is to get excited about technically. The screen is 1.9″ QVGA, it has Bluetooth, a 2 megapixel camera and a standard multimedia player. This is a new kind of application and is surely going to hit the mobile market besides all other upcoming application that will be competing with each other. The company has designed the set in a way that can be differentiated from other mobile sets in terms of beautiful materials and careful hand assembly. One of its unique feature is that the case is made of corrosion resistant 316L steel, the same grade that the company uses for its watches.