Luxury mobile phones

If you are tired of using the same kind of black and grey mobile phones and want to buy something that will add the essence of class to your personality and lastly if you are ready to pay quite a good amount of money, then the luxury mobile phones are just suitable for you. The Gresso White Diamonds standard phone retails for 9,000 euro and festooned with 4 white diamonds. Moreover, the entire function key is made of gold using ultra-precision turning technology. The Royal White Diamonds is a limited edition phone with only 200 handsets to be obtainable for sale. Vending for 33,000 euro the phone comes with 23 function keys featuring gold and encrusted with white diamonds adding together 2,53K. Each of the phones runs on Windows Mobile 6 Standard and has an internal memory of 64 Mb and external 2GB memory. They come with 64 polyphonic ring tones and a 2 MP in-built camera. The outer cover that the two luxury phones of the White Diamond collection have, are made from 200 year old African Blackwood and white diamonds enchased with 18K gold. The screen is protected by sapphire crystal glass of 42K and the phones have a special titanic covering keyboard to avoid damage. Even the battery is made of stainless steel and is adorned with leather.