Maxcell Innerduct


Maxcell is a patented,flexible,textile innerduct.Its uniquely engineered textile construction makes it extremely flexible yet maintaining its strength for difficult installation pulls.


We all know traditionally micro conduits are used inside a big conduit to lay different cables. Maxcell is an effective replacement for rigid inner duct. By using Maxcell the cable density can be increased by as much as 300%.

View the following pics and see how the cable density is increased by using maxcell.




1. 1/12 the weight,1/9 the volume of HDPE Inner duct.
2. No special equipment required for installation.
3. Does not twist or spiral like conventional inner duct.
4. It is resistant to ground chemicals.
5. It is unaffected by mud,silt or other debris commonly found in underground network applications.
6. Standard lengths and custom lengths.
7. 1,2,3 cell configurations/3 different colour codes
8. Standard,Fire resistant and detectable versions. In detectable version a 18 gauge solid core copper wire is there,So the path of the cable can also be traced using a locator and transmitter.


1. Can tremendously increase the cable density in already laid occupied ducts.
2. Reduces labour costs.
3. Reduces handling,shipping and freight costs.
4. Lower material cost
5. Lower warehousing cost
6. Lower Right of Way and permitting costs.
7. Easy to install
8. Can be installed in difficult situations where inner duct cannot.

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