YouTube, Apple pact for catalog

All those videos of cats playing the piano and Mentos-powered Diet Coke geysers will soon be available on your television.

YouTube has brokered a deal with Apple that will see the online video service’s entire catalog uploaded onto the Apple TV set-top box beginning next month.

Apple TV owners will be able to browse YouTube’s offerings and save their favorites shorts using the device’s built-in hard drive.

Thousands of YouTube videos will be made available starting in mid-June, with thousands more added each week until the company’s entire catalog is uploaded by fall.

Deal should benefit content creators, as well as TV networks, which are uploading their programming on YouTube, a service attracting some 20 million unique visitors per month. It would also give the major studios and consumer brands another marketing tool with which to promote their films or products.

Apple TV, which hit retailers in February at a cost of $300, uses iTunes to wirelessly transfer video content, music, photos and podcasts from a computer and the Internet to an HDTV screen.