VeeSee TV debuts IPTV for the deaf

VeeSee TV is launching an IPTV service for deaf people, which provides programming completely in British Sign Language (BSL).

The service can either be watched on a computer or streamed to a TV set. Although the service currently only offers a few hours of programming, this will be quickly expanded.

The service, which was developed by BSL interpreter Susie Grant, is available 24 hours a day. Ms Grant launched VeeSee TV because of the poor provision for deaf viewers on mainstream TV.

VeeSee is the first dedicated channel for BSL users. It also provides an interactive forum and user-generated content and will provide a platform for deaf film-makers to showcase their work.

When VeeSee is fully established, subscribers will be able to use webcam-to-webcam video streaming to communicate with other subscribers using BSL.

The VeeSee service is part of ViewTV – a portal of 900 streaming channels.