Security Quiz

Internet and computer users are growing at a tremendous rate. You could be an expert user or a newbie when it comes to using a computer to access websites on Internet, but did you know that every computer that’s connected to Internet is prone to attacks by hackers. As per expert estimates, “computers with Internet access are attacked by hackers on average every 39 seconds”.

The main aim of a hacker is to gain access to your computer’s data by means of exploiting various security holes that are available on your computer in the form of poorly written applications or the security holes contained in the operating system itself. This data could be holding your sensitive information such as credit card numbers that you punched-in while making some online purchases, passwords of your bank accounts etc. It’s needless to say what a stranger would do with your credit card information and other sensitive data once it’s out of your computer. So its better be safe than to be sorry.

Its time to check your knowledge about computer and internet security. To help you test your knowledge and see how you rate according to the experts, a really good Security Quiz
has been developed by

The security experts at Agnitum have put together a ‘Top 15’ of Internet security questions you should be able to answer correctly if you really want to be safe when you’re online.

Once you take the quiz, a results page is displayed with your score. If you do not score well, it clearly indicates you require some good security software to protect your valuable data. Agnitum provides high quality security software products that you might want to check at

Be safe !