Relenta CRM

Relenta is a unique customer relationship management (CRM) tool for small business, that includes email, Contact manager, shared calendar, email newsletter marketing / autoresponders. It offers a simple Web 2.0 application that improves productivity and makes it easy to share your email, contacts, and activities in one central place. This is where most of the other CRMs fail.

Designed for usability and efficiency, Relenta CRM achieves 90 percent of the functionality commonly required by small business users with only ten percent of the application weight.

Using Relenta CRM you can:

* Send, receive, and share email.
* Associate email history with contacts.
* Save time with canned responses.
* Capture leads from website and email.
* Share contact notes and tasks.
* Distribute workload.
* Share activities.
* Coordinate schedules.
* Keep track of appointments.
* Send automatic email follow-ups.
* Manage email lists.
* Convert leads to sales.

Relenta CRM is perfect for sales, marketing, and customer service teams of any type of small- to medium-sized company, such as lead generation, e-commerce, marketing, membership organizations, professional services, real estate, and so on. Last, but not least, Relenta CRM is a wonderful tool for managing your personal email and contacts.
Moreover, you can easily import contacts to Relenta CRM from any email or contact management application.

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