Mobile content

Today I got a chance to review from ReviewMe.

As claimed by Mozomo team “ offers Designer Mobile Content. Mozomo is the first Premium Designer Mobile content store which produces truly luxury and designer mobile content for more then 300 GSM / CDMA handsets of Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, Windows Mobile / PocketPC and many more…”

Being fond of new themes, wallpapers and ringtones I quickly pointed my browser to – Designer Mobile Content The first screen shows you 4 wallpapers on different themes. The first one being the hottest, usually bikini babes. Good way to attract visitors attraction.

Once you get attracted you start poking your nose further to dig more content, but eh …
There is a big disappointment. There are only 6 bikini babes, 2 Asian babes, 2 Cars n Bikes, 4 love wallpapers, 2 Animals and so on. So I guess, though they have variety of categories but the content per category is very less. In the Themes section I couldnt find anything. It seems the site is still largely under construction and surely requires lot of work to be done.

Once I visited their About Us page using my computers browser, I realised may me there is something wrong the way I am looking at their website. It says you must visit this website using a wap browser so that your phone can be detected and relevant content can be shown accordingly. So may be if you guys wanna check this site out just use your phone wap browsers.

I would say its good to start early and foray into .mobi domains to have the early bird advantage, but at the same time quality and variety of content is a must to be above the competition.