Google’s Browser Chrome

After a long wait, Google’s Browser Chrome has been launched in the market. For most of the people, browser is just a tool to surf various sites on net, but they are unaware of the varied applications these browsers can posses. Chrome is a clean and fast browser. It gets out of your way and gets you wherever you want to go very easily. Chrome has an inbuilt feature to run the most complex web application without the help of any plugins. Each of the tabs is isolated by a separate ‘sandbox’ so as to prevent one tab from crashing another. Chrome is supported with an inbuilt V8 java script engine that empowers its speed and reliability. Linux and Mac compatible version of Chrome are soon to be launched by Google. This newer version of Chrome is considered to be even faster and highly secured than the most available in the market. Google has also announced that many of its web applications related to chrome will be made open source in near future. Though Germany’s Federal Office for information security has made a comment that Chrome’s security is untested. As such many internet users are still on dilemma whether to try this new web browser Chrome or not. For now people are hoping it turns out to be a reliable and extraordinarily fast web browser in the form of Chrome.