1.5 million UK homes will have IPTV by 2011

New research from the Centre for Telecoms Research suggests that the availability of faster broadband will boost the use of IPTV to 5% of UK households by 2011. This represents around 1.5 million households, compared with 80,000 users in 2006.

The transition to IPTV will also be driven by the release of hybrid DTT/IPTV set top boxes by telecom companies such as BT and Tiscali.

The report, UK Internet Services Market, 2002-2011, also predicts that 85% of UK households will have a personal computer by 2011. There will be 20 million UK broadband connections and 90% of these will be capable of speeds above 2Mb, compared with only 33% with such speeds in 2006.