USB Modem Stick by Vodafone

The new, compact, sleek USB Modem Stick by Vodafone is something that its customers can look forward too. It is the smallest and also the sleekest plug and go device in the market which will give you high speed access of Internet whenever and wherever you will need it. The USB Modem Stick is also the most stylish Mobile Broadband device. It is very easy to use, just plug it into the laptop or personal computer USGB port and see the difference and enjoy high speed internet service. The download speed can be up to 7.2Mbps which is 10 times more than the standard 3G. Surfing the net will never be easier than this. It is compatible with Windows and Mac. This USB Modem Stick helps to open web pages, emails and other various documents in micro seconds. This is a super fast plug will help you whenever you want it to. If you are an occasional, regular or frequent user or want to use Mobile Broadband abroad, Vodafone will give you the price suiting you the best. The prices start from £12.77 a month. If your are wondering why your are using this Vodafone service for internet then you must know that it covers huge network and is fantastically reliable all over the world.