We are the distributors/suppliers of 3M WALL MOUNT – 8444 FMS and supply 3M WALL MOUNT – 8444 FMS to various telecom companies in India.

The 3M 8444 Series Wall Mount / Rack mount Patch Panels bring the features of our rack mounted 3M 8400 system to your wall mounted building entrance and LAN applications. This unit provides excellent cable management in low to medium fiber count installations. The system accommodates up to 48 fibers for 8444 model.


The fiber splice tray has very good user friendly features of arranging fibers & is the same as used in the 8425 FMS.The 8430 series panels offer efficient use of space, as well as Functionality and rugged durability. The units are secure enough for mounting in high-traffic areas and their attractive, low-profile design makes them acceptable for installation anywhere in your facility. The cabinet has lockable compartments and can be mounted to permit cable entry on either side. This unique swivel partition between the two chambers provides easy access to all couplings.


8444 Series Wall Mount FMS

Separate lockable compartments

Provides demarcation point between customer and service
Assortment of standard coupling platesModular Coupler Plates ( 6 per Plate)

Available in all major connector stylesReduces excess inventory
Pre-assembled coupling plates

Saves time
Swivel partition

Easier access to couplings
Invertible housing

Allows left or right, bottom or top cable entry
Grommeted cable and jumper openings

Reduced dust entry/physical protection of jumpers
Large area inside for fiber management Minimum bend radius maintained comfortably
Easily removable doors Increased accessibility during installation
Powder – painted Durable & pleasant appearance

Physical Dimensions
Height X Depth X Width Weight Max. Capacity of Fibers MaximumTrays/
Frame Max Fibers Per Tray Type & Length of pigtail fiber MOQ/Packaging
350 X 483 X 190 H X W X D 10 Kg 48 2 24 900 microns coated fiber/1.5 Mts 01 Nos./1/case

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