3M No Polish Connectors

We are the distributors/suppliers of 3M No Polish Connectors and supply 3M No Polish Connectors to various telecom companies in India.

3M No Polish Connector (NPC) enables fast, on-site installation of 250 μm and 900 μm connections utilizing a one piece, pre-assembled design.

The SC compatible connector consists of a factory-polished ceramic ferrule, fiber stub and a mechanical splice that is installed with a simple field tool. A bell-shaped boot is attached to the connector body, minimizing the chance of losing or forgetting to install the boot during the connection.


The no polish connector is tested for Premises and FTTP applications for indoor and outdoor locations and is available in SM, 62.5 μm, 50 μm and also 50 μm LOMMF (laser optimized multimode fiber) for 10 Gb applications.

The No Polish Connector is RoHS Compliant.

Distributors/suppliers/exporters of 3M No Polish Connectors in India for various telecom companies. To buy 3M No Polish Connectors in India please get in touch with us.