3M Mechanical Splice

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The 3M Fibrlok II 2529 Universal Optical Fiber Splice was designed for splicing any combination of 250 to 900 micron coated fibers. Utilizing field-proven Fibrlok technology, the 2529 Universal Splice provides a single-splice size, as well as all the advantages and benefits of the original Fibrlok II Optical Fiber Splice. The Universal Optical Fiber Splice is fully compatible with the original Fibrlok and Fibrlok II Optical Fiber Splices, splice trays and organizers. The Fibrlok Universal Splice utilizes the same Assembly Tool and easy ‘strip, clean, cleave and splice’ procedure as the original splices, minimizing the need for additional product training. The 2529 Universal Splice provides a single cleave length for 250 and 900 micron coated fibers; the ability to “reposition” fibers for improved splicing yield; and a new compact splice package which provides individually sealed compartments for the six enclosed splices. The ideal solution for both permanent and restoration splicing applications The Fibrlok II Universal Optical Fiber Splice utilizes a metallic splicing element held inside a molded plastic body and cap. The 2529 Splice insertion loss averages less than 0.10 dB. Fiber retention is greater than one pound minimum. The splice displays superior thermal stability, delivering stable performance from -40° to +80° C (-40° to +176° F). The Fibrlok II Universal Optical Fiber Splice can be used with either single-mode or multimode fibers with a (nominal) glass cladding diameter of 125 microns. Whether your application is aerial, buried, underground or pedestal; outside plant or inside building; the Fibrlok II 2529 Universal Optical Fiber Splice is the ideal solution for all your splicing needs.


Fiber diameter 125 µm
Coating diameter 250 to 900 µm
Shelf life 30 years
Installation time <30 seconds after fiber preparation Mean insertion loss <0.1 dB Reflectance <-35 dB from -40° to 80° C (-40° to 176° F) <-60 dB typical at room temperature Tensile strength 1.0 lb. minimum; >3.0 lbs. typical
Material Engineering thermoplastic with aluminum alloy element; UL 94, V-O rating

Environmental Specifications
Operating temperature -40° to 80° C (-40° to 176° F)
Thermal cycling Change in insertion loss <0.5 dB, -40° to 80° C (-40° to 176° F) Fungus resistance ASTM G-21-70; rating 0 Vibration EIA standard FOTP-11; test condition 1 Water immersion Seven days @ 43° C; change in insertion loss =0.05 dB Distributors/suppliers/exporters of 3M Mechanical Splice in India for various telecom companies. To buy 3M Mechanical Splice in India please get in touch with us.