3M Electronic Markers

We are the distributors/suppliers of 3M Electronic Markers and supply 3M Electronic Markers to various telecom companies in India.


The 3M Electronic Marker System (EMS) may help save telecommunications companies time and money by allowing utility field crews to quickly pinpoint the location of all types of buried facilities including buried splices, fiber optic facilities, service drops and manholes. Using EMS markers during construction, installation and maintenance virtually eliminates the time consuming search for lostĀ facilities.

With our Full-Range, Mid-Range, Ball and Near-Surface Markers, there is a marker to meet almost every need. A four-inch Disk marker is also available for marking hand holes. These markers easily attach to lids or covers over flush-mounted facilities. Markers are passive antennas with no internal power source to run down. Their water-resistant, polyethylene shells are impervious to minerals, chemicals and the temperature extremes normally found underground.

1. 3M Full Range Markers Range 8 ft
2. 3M Mid Range Markers Range 5 ft
3. 3M Passive Ball Marker Range 5 ft
4. 3M RfiD Ball Marker Range 5 ft

Use Markers to precisely mark :
* Buried Drops
* Buried Splices
* Conduit Stubs
* Road Crossings
* Branch Splices
* Fiber Optic Facilites
* Cable Paths
* Manholes under Pavements

How to use :
* Markers should be directly placed over the buried object & should be kept flat & level
* Use the provision of trying the marker to cable or duct if required
* No metal object should be in direct cotact with the marker
* Locator is used to trace the marker & hence the cable path

Distributors/suppliers/exporters of 3M Electronic Markers in India for various telecom companies. To buy 3M Electronic Markers in India please get in touch with us.

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