3M Electronic ID Markers

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Traditional utility-locating equipment injects an RF signal into a conductive object in the ground, such as a pipe or cable, to indicate the presence and path of a buried utility. This technology only approximates utility depth and location and works only with metallic objects. 3M Passive markers buried adjacent to utility components respond to signals from a locator device and can be pinpointed precisely as to location and subsurface depth.

Electronic underground markers require no external power source, and are not disturbed by surface grading or construction. Their usefulness, however, is limited as they indicate simply that some utility is buried at the marked point. The effective message of an electronic marker is: “dig here to learn more.”

A new buried identification marker system incorporates preprogrammed marker identification, making it possible to locate and identify quickly the depth and exact properties of the marked object without excavation.

The electronic system uses 4-in. diameter plastic balls that are located and read with hand-held locators by means of utility-specific radio-frequency signals. Individual colors and interrogation frequencies distinguish between gas, waste water, potable water, CATV, telephone, electrical power, and general purpose underground marking applications. The ID markers require no external or internal source of power and are energized solely by electromagnetic energy received from the interrogating marker locator.

3M ID markers use application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) chips to store static information, and each marker has a unique factory-assigned serial number for association with a specific location and for printing on as-built buried-facility drawings. The markers also have a memory capacity for storing custom labels and descriptions. The user can write these data to the chip anytime before placement in the ground. Ball markers are programmed, located, and read by means of a multi-function locator. This unit uses an RS232 communications port to interface with an external computer to download and upload marker information for record management and mapping.

Unlike roadside signs or surface markers, buried ID markers are not subject to random damage. They resist moisture and varying temperatures, require no electrical power, and are designed to last for the life of the buried facility. The internal antenna component is self-leveling and automatically orients in a horizontal position for maximum signal strength when the ball marker is placed in the ground. As ID markers are placed, removing an adhesive label with a unique serial number and associated bar code from the ball and placing it on a field map provides an initial record of the marked location. The same details are temporarily stored in the marker locator device for downloading to a computer. Stored data update the utility mapping and infrastructure database.

An accessory device for the 3M marker locator measures and records global positioning satellite (GPS) coordinates for each marked location. This GPS information is also stored in the unit during each shift for downloading in support of GIS mapping.

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