3M One Pass Fiber Pathway For FTTH

We are the distributors/suppliers of 3M One Pass Fiber Pathway For FTTH and supply 3M One Pass Fiber Pathway For FTTH to various telecom companies in India.

3M One Pass Fiber Pathway is a surface-mount,adhesive backed indoor drop cable and cable pathway system installed simultaneously in one pass around the perimeter of a multi dwelling unit (MDU) hallway.

3M One Pass Fiber Pathway consists of an extruded PVC duct populated at a 3M factory with 6 or 12 tight buffered, loosely packed 900μm fibers. A 3M adhesive with liner is then applied to the back of the duct for later adhering it to a wall.

3M introduced the 3M One Pass Mini Fiber Pathway, a single-fiber, adhesive-backed, surface-mount cable pathway and drop cable solution designed to enable telecom service providers and property owners to take fiber beyond the hallway, deep into a living unit discreetly and with minimal subscriber disruption.

The One Pass Mini Fiber Pathway from 3M connects to a hallway distribution cable and is routed inside of a living unit to a wall outlet positioned near an ONT. The One Pass Mini utilizes exclusive 3M adhesive technology which ensures reliable installation on a wide variety of surfaces, even painted or sealed concrete where stapling cables isn’t an option.

The 3M One Pass Fiber Pathway Duct is sold on reels and is available in 100′, 200′ and 300′ lengths. It can also be purchased with SC/APC connectors factory terminated on one end. This allows for plug-and-play installation of the duct in a fiber distribution terminal (FDT) located in a riser closet or stairwell at the end of the hall.

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