3M Fiber Management System 8423 – N Series

We are the distributors/suppliers of 3M Fiber Management System 8423 – N Series and supply 3M Fiber Management System 8423 – N Series to various telecom companies in India.

The 3M 8423-N Rack Mount Fiber Management System brings the features of our rack mounted 3M 8400 system to low fiber counts. This unit provides excellent fiber cable management options in low to medium fiber counts installations.

The 3M 8423-N model has max capacity of 24 fibers in one unit of rack space. The 8423-N FMS offers efficient use of space and provides a low-profile compact solution for terminating & managing 24 fibers. The units can be mounted into Standard 19 & 21-inch racks in high-traffic areas. Separately available coupling plates allow the unit to be customized to suit a variety of connector styles & fiber counts.

The FMS includes all accessories required for arranging, routing & managing the fibers easily. The accessories include easy to fix- double side taped routing clips of various sizes & identification materials.

Connectivity: FCPC, SCPC, LCPC, E2000PC, FCAPC, SCAPC, LCAPC, E2000APC



8423 Series Rack Mount Fiber Management System

“Glide” mounting system

Provides easy rack -front access torear compartment and jumpers.The Main Frame is Fixed to the rack& only the inside tray will extendoutside, which improves the stabilityof the system.
24 Ports within one ‘U’ of Rackspace

Conserves Space
Modular Coupler Plates

Reduces inventory
Assortment of standard coupling plates

Available in all major connector styles
Pre-assembled coupling plates

Saves time

Physical Dimensions
Height X Depth X Width Weight Max. Capacity of Fibers MaximumTrays/
Frame Max Fibers Per Tray Type & Length of pigtail fiber
44 mm X 350 mm X 447 mm(includes bracket) 3 Kg 24 1 ( 2524Trays) 24 900 micronscoated fiber/ 1.5 Mts.length

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