3M B FMS Wall Mount Fiber Management System

We are the distributors/suppliers of 3M B FMS Wall Mount Fiber Management System and supply 3M B FMS Wall Mount Fiber Management System to various telecom companies in India.

The B FMS series WallMount Fiber TerminationSystem brings the features ofour proven system of FMS toyour wall mountedapplication on buildingentrance and LANapplications.This unit provides excellentcable Termination &Distribution for low fibercounts installations.

The system accommodates up to12 fibers (Splicing)The unit allows for 2 main cableentries & 8 secondary cableentries . As an option providesfacility for housing upto 2 splicetray, which would be very userfriendly facility incase the plansare to enter into the buildingpremises and continue to thenext buildings, The B FMS offerefficient use of space, as well as functionality and ruggeddurability with low profile design. Thesystem provides environmental protectionrating of IP 55. The units are securedenough for mounting in high-traffic areasand their attractive look makes themacceptable for installation anywhere inyour facility, Wall or Pole mount.Two splice trays, pigtails, couplers & otheraccessories are 100 % factory tested, isassembled in the B FMS, to which thefibers in the cables can be spliced.




B FMS Wall Mount

Separate universal lockable compartments with press latches

Provides demarcation point between customer andservice
Pre-assembled splice trays

Saves time
Swivel partition

Easier access to couplings
Invertible housing

Allows 2 main cables & 8 secondary cable entry
Grommet cable and jumper openings

Reduced dust entry/physical protection of jumpers
Large area inside for fiber management

Minimum bend radius maintained comfortably
Easily removable doors with press latches & Cam lock

Easy accessibility during installation / high security
Environmental protection rating

IP 55

Physical Dimensions
Height X Depth X Width Weight Max. Capacity of Fibers splice MaximumTrays/
FMS Max fibersDistributionPer FMS. Type & Length of pigtail fiber
270 mm X 80 mm X 240 mm 1 Kg 12 fiber spliceper B FMS 02 Nos. 12 Fibers SC Type
08 Fibers FC Type 900 microns coated fiber / 1.5 Mts. length

Distributors/suppliers/exporters of 3M B FMS Wall Mount Fiber Management System in India for various telecom companies. To buy 3M B FMS Wall Mount Fiber Management System in India please get in touch with us.

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