3M Pouyet Tag Blocks

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STG 2000 8/10 pair Disconnection module Category 5

STG 2000 is the latest evolution of STG range of IDC (Insulation Displacement Contact) connection modules that can be snapped on 3M standard backmount frames 8/10 pairs (Pitch 16 mm).

This module offers Category 5 transmission performance as a standard. As a result this module can be used in any modern network and is fully compatible with all kind of application.

Wire termination and wire removal are easily operated with 3M standard termination tool. Cables are managed from the top and jumpers from the side. The base of the module offers cable and jumper strain relief facilities.

Straight IDC contact design offers reliability and outstanding performance like multiple retermination, wire retention and gas-tight connection.

The module can connect solid copper conductors in a range of diameters from 0.4mm to 0.8mm with a maximum insulation sheath of 1.5mm.

Applications of STG 2000 modules

The Tag block is modular in construction and suitable for interconnection / distribution applications in:

· Main Distribution Frames (MDF)
· Cross Connection Cabinets (CCC)
· Distribution Point(DP) Boxes

These blocks are suitable for both line side and exchange side in the MDF, Primary and Secondary sides in CCC and for Distribution in DP Boxes.

The 16 mm (0.63 in.) pitch between STG connection modules contributes to the compact design of the block, which has aluminum Back Mount Frame.

As a standard, the Tag blocks are available in 64/128 pair blocks with 8 Pair Modules and as 100 pair block with 10 Pair Modules.


Advantages of the latest range of STG modules:

· Cat. 5 transmission performance
· High density connections/terminations
· Quick and well managed cabling
· Completely protected IDC contacts
· Integrated wire retention
· A wide range of possible configurations of the blocks is available
· Blocks with or without protection facility
· Different labeling configurations
· Disconnection or connection contacts available

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