3M Modular Connector

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The 3M Super – Mini Splicing Modules provide the reliability of soldered connections, plus the efficiency of multi-pair splicing. You can have have faster and more accurate craft work, better housekeeping, plus the proven performance of MS2 splicing. The 8000 series Super-MiniModules are the basic components of MS2 Modular System Splicing from 3M. The Modules are building blocks of a systematized splicing technology that can reduce installation time in outside or inside plant, reduce reworking demands and save both time & effort in your construction & maintenance programs. The 8000 series Super mini Modules feature an array of U-Shaped, Phosphor-bronze contacts & stainless steel cut-off blades. As a module is crimped, each contact strips the insulation from the positioned wire & securely grips the conductor. During the crimping operation, the cur-orr blade inside each module trim the excess wire. A single crimp completes a gas-tight connection on all 20 pairs in the module. It is simple & fast, because there is no need to strip any of the individual pairs. It is fully compatible with the 20 Pr cables.


Pair Testing is easy: Test entry ports in the front side of the modules provide access for testing individual pairs All tests can be accomplished without opening the module, stripping insulation, or interrupting service.

Straight Type Modules: This is designed so that wire gauges & insulation types mixed in the module . The module cover body & base is color coded ivory & Gold. The cover matte finish accepts pair identification by pen or pencil facilitate later transfers or rearrangements.

Half Tap Modules: These modules are similar to the St. Type except that the cut -off blades have been eliminated from the bottom of the module. This allows the run or through wires to be half-tapped without cutting the conductors. The wires in the base are electrically connected, but are not cut-off. These are color coded green.

Water Proof Splicing


Both St Type & Half Tap are designed specifically for buried & underground plant applications where PIC cable is not pressurized, the sealant box protects the splice by filling the module wire channels & test ports with a moisture resistant sealant. This simplifies reentry & reworking when necessary. This is also recommended in aerial applications where additional moisture protection is desired.

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