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3M SORPU7C is a Integrated Protection Module and is designed to protect every individual pair of Public/ Private Telephone Exchange Equipment against high voltage surge due to lightning and over currents due to induction (or) direct contact with power lines.

Increases flexibility in Network Management as Protection Module can be removed separately for replacement on faulty lines alone without disturbing the adjacent working lines

Complies with TEC Spec: GR NO: G/CTN-01/04 MAY 2005 with amend. No.1


IPM is a five terminal device which houses the following devices

Houses 3 Pole Gas Discharge Tube with fail-safe – When a surge voltage affects the line due to lightning, ionisation of gas inside the GD tube takes place thereby draining the high voltage. While in case a residual current due to this voltage still persists, the fail safe in the 3 pole GD Tube melts and drains the current to earth.

Two series element PTCR – Limits the Current by increasing its resistance from low to very high value which results in open circuit of the line


_ 3M IPMs are usually mounted on the line side tag blocks i.e100Pair tag blocks (STGC210PU & STGO210PU) of the MDF, if required on the Exchange side 128Pair tag blocks (STGC28PU) also.

_ IPMs can be mounted only in one direction into the module as they are Polarized

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