3M Integrated Splitter Block BRCP

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3M BRCP block is the latest generation of MDF terminal blocks developed by 3M, specifically designed for xDSL deployment.

The BRCP block meets the following types of DSLAM equipment deployment: splitterless DSLAM interconnection at the central office, Legacy ADSL, Line Sharing and Full Unbundling line management to reduce complexity of jumpering. The high density of this block makes it suitable for xDSL applications. Product accessories are designed to anticipate future equipment interconnection such as AMDF.


The innovative product design provides unique features to match operators expectations for current mass xDSL line deployment at the best service level possible.

Increasing Quality of Service Requirements

Individual splitters are protected at the rear side of the BRCP block to provide their physical protection and prevent accidental disconnection of the end-user.

Optimizing space

Very compact and modular by design, the BRCP block requires less space on the MDF frame, making it also well adapted to confined spaces of remote applications such as remote site active cabinets and shelters or telecom closets in residential or corporate buildings.

Improving OPE X

Using single port splitter modules, the BRCP splitter block can help reduce the number of jumpering operations, e.g. in the case of service change from ADSL to g.SHDSL or VoIP with the use of single port bridging modules, customer migration (data only or voice and data) between providers. Maintenance operations can also be simplified, e.g. lifeline service in case of disconnection of the data service by removing the individual splitter, individual line testing and disconnection.

Adapted to operators engineering procedures

The BRCP integrated splitter block is userfriendly for craft staff, as an entire cable bundle of eight pairs can be terminated on the same connection module. It enables a perfect match with most DSLAM line card configurations on the market and can therefore help reduce installation costs by avoiding use of costly and time consuming cable splits..

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