Smartstyle PC by Zenith

With a 17 inch screen, Zenith’s new Smartstyle PC is basically modeled on the iMac. The main advantage of the SmartStyle is that it is very power efficient and takes up much less space, making it the ideal choice for space constrained offices. This desktop is modeled on the iMac and offers an integrated unit with a 17-inch display. The CPU/MB are embedded within the monitor chassis. The SmartStyle PC also offers options of an Intel dual-core processor, 1 GB of system memory and 80 GB of storage. The advantage with this PC is that you can hang it on your wall and it saves a lot of space. It comes with a versatile 180 degrees mounting hinge, that makes it possible for it to be hung on the wall, integrated into a tabletop surface or the table. The SmartStyle PC is available for Rs 20,000.